• Hypertherm

    A demonstrated commitment to technology leadership, quality and support make Hypertherm cutting systems the first choice of true cutting professionals around the world. Whether you are involved in light fabrication, plant maintenance or high-volume plate cutting, Hypertherm has the system for you. No one is more committed to providing you with a cutting solution that will drive costs out of your operation.
  • Thermal Dynamics

    Thermal Dynamics is a world leader that is setting the standard in flexibility, value and performance for advanced plasma cutting equipment. Our manual systems, automated systems, manual torches, automated torches and full line of accessories cover the full range of plasma cutting applications.
  • Kjellberg

    The companies offer products and technologies for thermal cutting, joining and altering of materials. This includes primarily equipment and filler materials for welding and plasma cutting technique.
  • Teknomotor

    Code: C41/47 Description: Electrospindle C41/47 Technical specifications: GENERAL INTRODUCTION The electrospindles series C41/47 have been designed to generate a high power with limited overall dimensions. These features, joined to the high rotational speed, make these electrospindles the best solution for the machinery of wood, aluminium, and PVC. SERIES C41/47-SB: for rotational speed from 12.000 to 18.000 rpm where the prevalent load is radial load. SERIES C41/47-DB-2DB: for rotational speed from 12.000 to 24.000 rpm where an axial load is present. TECHNICAL FEATURES STATOR: Three-phase induction motor, insulation class F. ROTOR: squirrel cage rotor balanced according to ISO 1940 norms: balancing grade 2.5. For special applications we can supply motors with lower balancing grade. FRAME: self enclosed construction. The frame is obtained from an extruded aluminium bar. COOLING: shaft driven fan cooling. PROTECTION: IP 54 BALANCING: The spindle is balanced in 2 planes. The standard unbalancing is lower than 0.5 mm/s on both planes at 18000 rpm. Better balancing possible on customer request.